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root\NetTap6 (unknown device) Driver Windows 10

Cosa è Hardware non identificato con ID root\NetTap6 ?

 Intel(R) Technology Access TAP Driver (NDIS 6.30) Drivers (rootNetTap6).

Intel(R) Technology Access TAP Driver (NDIS 6.30) manufacturer is Intel Corporation and developed by Intel Corporation in the database contains 1 versions of the Intel(R) Technology-Access TAP Driver (NDIS 6.30) matches the hardware 314080. Intel(R) Technology Access TAP Driver (NDIS 6.30) compatible with 0 hardwares driver contains 0 binary files.

How to install rootNetTap6 Driver

First log into “My computer Then go on (directory) C:\ .

Choice  View > Select “Hidden items” To see “ProgramData”

After this find ‘Unknown Device’ (Hardware ID  root\NetTap6) in device manager, select update driver software.

Select Browse my computer for driver software.

In the file path point the drive search to C:\ProgramData\Package Cache

and let Windows find the Intel (NDIS 6) driver for you.


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rootNetTap6 (unknown device) Driver Windows 10